Femme conference

by Damien Luxe (3/8/2012)


The conference began organizing in 2005, and has had conferences in 2006, 2008, 2010 and anticipates a fourth conference in 2012.

People who have presented keynotes at the conference include:

2006: Jewelle Gomez, Amber Hollibaugh, Hanne Blank
2008: Dorothy Allison, Julia Serrano, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Veronica Combs aka Vixen Noir
2010: Kate Bornstein & Moki Macias


The bi-annual conference is organized by a rotating collective of peers, the Conference Steering Committee of the Femme Collective.


Below is an excerpt, and conference's full mission statement can be seen on our website.

"The Femme Collective is committed to creating conferences by Femmes, about Femmes, and for Femmes and their allies. We understand that Femme is more complex than just being a queer person who is feminine; it is a part of how we interact with and shape our world as queer academics, activists, artists, homemakers, parents, professionals, students, teachers, etc.

Our conferences seek to explore, discuss, dissect, and support Queer Femme* as a transgressive, gender-queer, stand-alone, and empowered identity and provide a space for organizing and activism within Queer communities. We hope to attract people of all genders who are interested in a deeper understanding of Femme identity, culture, and history as well as Femmes interested in learning, teaching, connecting, and building community geared towards social change....

We are dedicated to: creating a Femme-positive environment; selecting programming to honor differences in ethnicities, physical abilities and gender expressions; and highlighting the intersection of queer Femme identity with issues of race, class, age, and body. We hope that together we can create a space to explore many of the complexities of Femme identity, including (but not limited to) questions of privilege, invisibility, intersecting identities, class mobility, aging, and the differences between femininity and Femme identity. We hope to contribute to giving voice to queer Femme identity, and to building unity, coalition, and solidarity in and among genderqueer communities."