Femmes of Colour: A Transnational Solidarity Group


"An intentional space for feminine-IDed POCs and femmes of colour. This group is closed, so anyone can see the group and who's in it, but only members see posts. Please request to join if you see yourself as feminine-IDed or femme and also identify as a person of colour, Indigenous, mixed-race, etc. White allies are respectfully asked not to join. ♥

This group is self-moderated and admins can't keep up with the abundance of posts (let alone request from new members!), so please message us directly if you have any concerns to bring to our attention. We didn't expect so many folks to join so fast and hugely appreciate members' generous efforts to make this space safer, communicate respectfully, and check themselves. Also, recognizing the limits of the language used to name this group (and the very brief description), we are open to ideas. Enormous appreciation, love, and hope. ♥"

Femme IN-Visibility


"I am the Invisible shield of the LGBTQ community. Silenced and Invisible no more. Here we are not afraid to be Fierce Femmes. We are not afraid to push the boundaries. And we will. We refuse to be iced over, forgotten about, silenced or "put in our place" any longer. Here we speak loud and we speak free. And we will refuse anyone's quest to make us silent and hidden. Invisible.

We are political. We are sexual. We are deviant. We are mothers. We are wives. We are powerful. And we are many. We seek to not only expose our own invisibility, but the invisibility of all things affecting our world that need light shed upon them. We do this to hopefully contribute to the shifting perception that all members of the LGBTQ community deserve basic human and civil rights."

Femme Realness: A fashion & style consulting group


"Safe(r) space for femmes, with queer positive, body positive, respect for all genders and identities, trans/gnc inclusiveness, anti-racist, and sex positive values at the core. Femmenabling and solving fashion and lifestyle crises since 2011. What happens in Femme Realness, stays in Femme Realness."

The Femme Sharks


"THE FEMME SHARKS are a movement founded by LEAH LAKSHMI PIEPZNA-SAMARASINHA and ZULEIKHA MAHMOOD to reclaim the power of femmes as fierce, tough, hungry girls who are the leaders and defenders of our communities. In March 2008, we got so pissed off at the stereotypes about femme being stupid, weak, and all about the drama, that we decided to claim being sharks, to reinscribe femme as tough, voracious, and complicated. We also want to make it clear that being femme is not about being Barbie, it's about how we live in our bodies, how we make community, and how we access power, as queer and trans women, as people with disabilities, as survivors, as people of color. If you want to know more, read the manifesto, and our zine- all our holes are hungry, hungry for justice and fucking. Contact us at thefemmesharks@gmail.com"

Femme Love


"Open-hearted community building for femmes, the femme-curious, and the femme-friendly. Inspired by Femme Conference 2012, we host fun, inclusive events for femmes of all kinds and those who love them. We are femmes of color, college students, sex workers, transwomen, kinky queers, sissy fags, bisexuals, femmes in their 50s and 60s, recent transplants, and femme allies. We support all kinds of gender expression and we reject mean girl behavior. And we think femme-femme sex is hot."