Media: Web+Design+Documentation:
WEB & SERVER [Meghan] [Ismoon] [Jessie]
• maintain listservs [Meghan][Sarah] [Jessie] (Aug 11)
• server/FTP wrangling [Damien] (Dec 11)
• website: design, develop, SEO, add content, maintain [Meghan][Sarah] [Jessie] (ASAP launch date + end of Dec 11)
• blog: design, develop, assign users, add content, widget functionality with multimedia and web 2.0 [Meghan][Sarah] [Jessie] (End of Nov / Dec 11)
• [dream task!] coordinate livestreaming of 2012 keynotes or workshops [ustream, muse, etc.] [Damien] [Ismoon] (2012)
• + more TBA

DESIGN - logo & art development [Meghan][Ismoon][Jessie][Damien]
• ads: web banners & print [including "save the date"] (Jan 12, latest Feb 12)
• merch: buttons, t-shirts, bags? etc. [Merideth esp merch/design] (May/June 12)
• print promotions: posters, handbills, postcards [Damien] (March/April 12)
• program: layout, ad collection, production, printing [content collection is shared w programming] [Damien + 3] (May 12: ads content)(July 12: production)

• implement Wiki [or other internal documentation system] [Jessie] [Meghan] (Aug 11)
• implement storage of video and photos from 2010+earlier [Meridith] [Ismoon] (Nov 11)
• implement web distro of 2010 [and earlier] videos, photos, transcripts, interviews via or or blog [Damien] (Nov 11: new web site content only)
• [dream task!] coordinate setup of a "media station" for FC20112 attendees to document their experiences via sound/video/text recording [Meghan] [Jessie] [Damien][Ismoon] (March 12)
• coordinate photographers and videographers to document 2012 [Meghan+][Ismoon] (May -- July 12)
• coordinate archiving of 2012 photo/video [Damien] [Ismoon] (Nov 11)

Media: Press, Publicity and Outreach:
WRITING [Meredith] [Lena] [Meghan] [Aries]
• write press releases (End of Nov 11: 1st round, Jan 12: 2nd round)
• develop text to describe conference for website and ads (second week of Oct 11)
• develop text for blog posts (End of Nov 11)

PRESS [Meredith, CA-focused list]
• maintain and develop a press list
• distribute press releases
• collecting all press write-ups on past conferences, [getting quotes, testimonials, etc] archive on blog or site

• advertising: reaching out to find places to put our ads [ideally for ad-trade]
• recruiting get ads for print program
• seeking co-sponsors [reciprocal or not]

• ad outreach
• outreach to blogs, print media, radio to get participants, submissions, performers, etc., using ads, press releases, media alerts, posts and writing, etc.
• outreach to press to get interviews, reviews
• work with Documentation to make and distribute a teaser video [Meredith]

WEB 2.0 [Lena] [Jessie]
• managing and posting on Twitter and Facebook [and tumblr?]
• posting on our blog using video and photo from 2010 and earlier, and interviews or announcements from 2012 participants
• managing blog, twitter and facebook comments
• + more TBA