Veronica Combs aka Vixen Noir is a fresh, but very ripe, up and coming singer, songwriter and recording artist. In addition to being a musical artist, Vixen is a talented performance artist, burlesque/striptease artist, dancer, spoken word artist/poetess, teacher and director and producer of live theatre and sexy cabaret. She has been wowing audiences worldwide with her brand of entertainment and performance workshops, which serve her primary mission: to empower women in their 'erotic power' all over the world, so that they live true to their hearts and passions! Vixen’s performances are bold and unapologetic and inspire others to revel in their own power.

She integrates her extensive dance and theatre background to create performances that range from sublime to raucous, raunchy to sensual, titillating to beautiful, and that are artistically compelling and visually stimulating. She is dedicated to using her artistry to build bridges across racial, social and economic divides and to inspire others to celebrate the diversity of gender and sexual expression.

With her in-your-face, kickass, raw talent and sexy-as-hell style, she is about to bust onto the music scene with her debut single, Dangerous, in early 2012! She describes her music as “alternative dance pop soul with a lil' hip hop & rock thrown in for extra spice.” Her musical influences include Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Donny Hathaway, Queen, Police, Madonna, Prince, Eurythmics, Lauryn Hill—to name a few of the many. A major influence for Vixen? Deep House Music! She grew up on this music and says, “I want people to be moved deep down in their hearts, their spirits, their bodies by my music, the way house music moves me. So there will always be some element of house, however small or subtle, in my music.”